EHSAS Emergency Cash Program 2020 – SMS Service 8171 How to implement complete information

Each family, 000 12,000 .. is paid through the EHSA emergency cash program. SMS service 8171 was launched for families benefiting from the EHSA emergency cash program. EHSA Emergency Cash Program 2020 – SMS Service 8171 How To Implement Complete Information.

Qualifying for the second category, the Special Assistant added, would be “above-the-clock comfort”, which had already earned income of up to Rs 20,000 and “now they have been exposed to economic pressure and” without livelihood assistance. To be done. These people are currently in the database. He made it clear.

How to Apply for EHSA Emergency Cash Program 2020?

Send your ID card number 8171 without a dash. The government will try to make your life easier by confirming your claim.

Send CNIC number 8171 to poor people.

There are three categories in the 10mm. (1) .5..5 million available # Statistics Cufflatt beneficiaries (all women) have already received Rs. 2000 Rs. 1000 emergency relief for the next 4 months (low = 3000 rubles).

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Under this program, eligible families can get Rs. Received Rs. Cash contribution of Rs
Assistant Experts said that eligible families interested in using the program should send their National Identity Card Card to SMS Code 8171 which opens Wednesday evening.

He said that a fever ration platform has also been launched so that those who want to provide food rations to the poor will be added. He said so far at least 30,000 eligible families and more than 600 donors have registered themselves on the online platform.

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