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Job Description: 

The office is conducting an interview for AUSA in the Riverside Branch Office, Criminal Division. In the Criminal Division, AUSA advises criminal law enforcement agents to conduct criminal investigations, present criminals before a grand jury,  attorney jobs in usa and hear criminal cases before a district court in the United States.

The AUSA, which is part of the Christmas Division and has hired services for the Riverside and Santa Ana branch offices, was initially assigned to the General Crimes Section in Los Angeles, where it will conduct federal criminal investigations and prosecutions. Get trained to deal with Upon completion of his term in the General Crimes Section, the AUSA assigned to the branch offices is assigned there, and the rest of the AUSA in Los Angeles is assigned to a Senior Section of the Criminal Division.




Qualifications Required: Applicants must have a JD degree, be an active member of the bar (a jurisdiction), and have JD at least 3 years later. attorney jobs in usa Experience If you are not already an active member of the California Bar, any applicants will need to be appointed (before entering on the date of duty) and then pass the California Bar exam. AUSAs must become active members of the California Bar and retain membership of the California Bar.

Preferred qualifications

Hiring services for such positions within the USO is highly competitive. The USO seeks the diversification of a number of highly skilled and experienced lawyers, united by deep intelligence and a sincere commitment to the public interest. Legal experience, high academic record, excellent writing skills, impeccable character, interest in public service, courtroom presence, and commitment to working with people and those involved are all taken into account. attorney jobs in usa Most of the lawyers hired have many years of experience, although recent graduates with practical experience or as judicial clerks are also considered. Relations with the Central District of California will be considered.

AUSA pay is administratively determined based, in part, on the number years of professional attorney experience. The range of pay is $93,562 to $170,700 including locality pay authorized.
Travel may be required between 1-5 nights per month or more depending on the needs of any particular case assignment, both within and outside the district.
Application Process: 

Attorneys seeking a position as an AUSA should complete TWO documents:



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